Winback is your secret to naturally helping wrinkles disappear as your body re-generates collagen.

Cellulite and orange-peel skin become a thing of the past, and your body will be reshaped and sculpted to a more youthful posture.

Treatment areas include:

• Anti-aging treatments
• Wrinkle reduction
• Cellulite
• Acne and scars diminished
• Firming the neckline
• Belly firming and shaping
• Breast and buttock lifting
• Flabby thighs and arms


Eliminate and destock

Anti-aging, face and body care

Tone and cover

Regenerating Action

This is the action that reconstructs your tissue, such as your dermis.

BIOBACK promotes intra and extra-cellular exchanges between the layers of your skin, which will become firmer and more elastic as a result.

Fine lines are reduced and your skin will regain its natural radiance.

Revitalising Action

The complementary action of THERMOBACK draws deeply on the active substances (nutrients, oxygen, etc.) which are directed towards the treatment area.

The metabolic activity in the area enables rapid consumption of the active substances and their evacuation.

But that's not all, the abillity to restart blood and lymphatic circulation helps the treated area to eliminate fat.