"I'm a pitcher that had a 49% labrum tear. I was looking at team suspension and surgeries. I had tried intense PT, PRP therapies and nothing was working. Imagine my amazement when after only several weeks of TECAR therapy, I began pitching 95 MPH again. Winback saved my professional baseball career."

- Zach G.

"As a pitcher, velocity and accuracy in throwing a ball are how we make our living. Injuries are costly to maintaining peak performance. Thanks to Winback and Laura, I'm ready for Spring Training and throwing harder and faster than ever."

- Trey H, Pittsburgh Pirates

"I've competed in the Olympics six times as a 100 and 200 meter sprinter for the Bahamas. Ensuring my legs are strong and healthy means everything. Winback treatment after hard training days, helped me to stay strong and grow stronger and keep me unstoppable."

- Debbie Ferguson, Houston, TX Olympic Gold Medalist

"Winback is nothing short of amazing. I love walking into a party or a gathering and having people be amazed at how fabulous I look. The biggest joy is bragging that I don't need Botox, injections, fillers or surgery. My face looks young, fresh, and tight, and it's natural. It's my body behaving like it did ten years ago! Thank you Winback!"

- Leslie I., The Woodlands, TX

"I experienced Winback TECAR technology at an expo where I had an anti-aging facial. I was so blown away by the results, I called three of my best friends in Houston to track down Laura. We are all true converts to the healing power of Winback."

- Stephanie K., Anaheim, CA

"My whole life I've suffered with being heavy and having cellulite. With Winback it has broken up the fat tissue so that when I exercise results are seen more quickly, and the feel of my flesh is so much healthier. I'm getting a body I never dreamed I could."

- Kelly C, Houston, TX

On July 6th I was in a car accident.

My injuries were severe and doctors worked for 8 hours to save my life.
Besides several internal injuries as lungs, liver, and spleen, I also had multiple fractures.
My upper leg, forearm, elbow, and collarbone needed surgery.

After 10 days I left the intensive care and after 1 month left the hospital to start my rehab at home.
There I was treated from the start by my physiotherapist who uses Winback Therapy.
The first week I couldn’t sit up for more than 10 minutes. My back was too weak.

After the accident I lost about 10 kg (from 62kg to 52 kg).
We started immediately to work on the scar tissue and the swollen joints.
I was motivated because I saw from the first session on some progress and the treatment was not painfull.
I enjoyed the Winback back massage. The deep heat took away the backpain for several hours.

Gradually the mobilization of my elbow and shoulder got better and better.
On August 20th we started full weight bearing exercises combined with the Winback Therapy.
The progression was great, I hoped that I would achieve my goal to start classes sometime in September.
On September 16th I went to my orthopedic surgeon.
He was really surprised to see me walk in his office without any help.

All the iron that's inside me that had to be removed in a couple of months. I started my second year training to be a nurse and started working full time in a hospital in Antwerp.
I didn't believe my physiotherapist when he promised me I'd get back on track within 6 weeks, but we worked hard together and I achieved my goal.

- Aline Vandenberg
September 30th 2014, Antwerp, Belgium