WINBACK’s energy is a high frequency current (or radio frequency) ranging between 300 KHz and 1 MHz. It accelerates “natural regeneration” in the biological tissue. The low level of energy means it is totally non-invasive and 100% natural for the human body.
Radiofrequency has more than proved its worth in the areas of orthopedic surgery, cosmetic medicine, and more recently in rehabilitation.

There are over 30 years of studies showing that the therapeutic effects stimulate natural tissue, reconstruction, and pain relief analyzing several types of biological tissue for their study “The dielectric properties of Biological tissues”.
In the 300 KHz – 1 MHz frequency range, the C. Gabriel research team highlights the permeability of cellular membranes by analyzing several types of biological tissue for their study “The dielectric properties of Biological tissues”. In effect, the membranous polarisation can no longer take place through the passage of the Winback energy which facilitates intra and extra-cellular exchanges.

Accelerated healing 97% EFFECTIVE (1)

WINBACK's energy produces an ion flow with extremely rapid electrical oscillations in the cellular environment. These oscillations will make the plasma membrane permeable, which in turn encourages intra and extra cellular exchanges and more rapid healing of tissue.

(1) 6 sessions, 97% EFFICIENCY On the Muscle and joint disorders. Effective therapies that reduce healing time: Evaluation of the effect of multi-frequency capacitive diathermy treatment. S. Piolani, A. Soldadi, F. Speziale, P. Bonifacci, T. Cuzzani, M. Scacchetti, A. Marsotti, S. Alberti, M. Cagnani, R. Marzovillo, A. Garvalli, G. Poletti. Sport & Medicine. January – February 2009. Frequencies used 500, 750 and 1 MHz

Immediate and lasting pain relief 81% EFFECTIVE (2)

WINBACK's energy inhibits the transmission of pain-related messages for at least 48 hours. This is due to the energy oscillations which interrupt the classic pain signal exchanges (hyperpolarization, depolarization). The sensory impulses are interrupted and the patient feels relief immediately.

(2) Study of Electric Transfer Clinic Hyperthermia pour lumbago treatment. Takahashi K, N Tsuzuki, K Zhong- SHI - Department of Orthopedic Surgery - Medical Center- J Saitama. Phys Ther. Sci 11: 45-51, 1999. Used frequency 650 KHz.

Accelerated vascularization 6X QUICKER (3)

When Tecar's energy is increased, the natural resistance of biological tissues will change the energy into heat (diathermy) which will use the circulatory system (vascular and lymphatic) to thermo regulate the targeted part of the body. The localized increase in heat will force vascularization of restricted zones (fibrosis, contracture) and free up movement.

(3) T.E.C.A.R therapy. Treatment of postoperative femoral fracture. A. TERRANOVA, G. VERMIGLIO, S. ARENA, A. Ciccio S. DI DIO1 Mr. VERMIGLIO - Vol. 44 - Suppl . 1 to 3 EURO

Protocol in 3 steps :


The TECAR’s energy blocks transmission of pain-related information for more than 48 hours. Patient will have a sense of well-being and will relax, the physio’s treatment will be more effective.


TECAR's energy releases tension (contractures, edema, and fibrosis) by local revascularization. Energy begins to re-circulate in the damaged tissue, and the patient gets back their range of movement.


The energy accelerates the body's auto-repair system by encouraging sustainable intra and extra cellular exchanges.
The length of these sessions is about 10 to 15 minutes and can be given concurrently with a physiotherapy session.
Chronic complaints: a treatment regime of 8 to 10 sessions at a rate of 2 to 3 per week is required to produce long term tissue reorganization.


Monopolar’s benefit

• Reduction of pain from first session,
• Increased recovery speed,
• Improved chronic and acute pathologies (with multiple care protocols),
• Improved healing of soft tissue and fibrous tissue,
• Safe operation
• Strong appreciation of the use of radiofrequency amongst patients,
therapists and scientists.

Multipolar’s benefit

• Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Firm and rejuvenate the skin
• Contour the facial skin
• Sculpt the body and reduce unwanted fat deposits
• Reduce the appearance of cellulite
• Improve the appearance of stretch marks